How long will it take to repair my credit?

In only 35-45 days, you should receive your initial results from the credit bureaus. That may be all it takes to repair your credit.
However, the credit bureaus’ automated system for handling disputes, called eOSCAR, is notorious for returning inaccurate results. In that case, we will continue to dispute your potential inaccuracies with increasingly strong language and tactics.
Each round of disputes takes 30-45 days to complete. Our customers typically graduate our credit repair and restoration services within six months.

What kind of items can you get removed from my credit reports?

Every type of credit account and item of personal information must be completely accurate, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Whether your personal data, payment histories, collections, chargeoffs, public records, if there is any detail that is outdated, incomplete, or potentially inaccurate, we can dispute it on your behalf with our proven tactics.
If the credit bureaus are not able to provide documentation that verifies their total accuracy, we will fight to get the unverified items removed from your credit reports and get you the credit you’re legally entitled to.

What if my negative items are actually accurate?

The majority of negative accounts we dispute for our clients turn out to be unverifiable. But even if the credit bureaus provide verification of your account, that doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing that can be done.
For example, collection agencies are known to play fast and loose with the rules. While the credit bureaus may be reporting a collection accurately, the collection agency may have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
We can help you get unlawful accounts removed from your credit reports. That’s only one example of the services we provide that go above and beyond writing dispute letters.

Get Started On The Path Of Better Credit

I got a “frivolous” result from the credit bureau. What does that mean?

The credit bureaus are only supposed to classify a dispute as “frivolous” if it’s too vague or obviously untrue. However, they have been known to use this exception in the law to stall when they receive legitimate disputes, too.
That’s why it is so important to have our credit experts advocating for you. We’ve encountered this situation many times, and we know how to respond to call the credit bureaus out on their stall tactics.

Do I have to order my credit reports or will you do that for me?

We ask that our clients order their credit reports directly for a very good reason.
Every time the credit bureaus receive a request for your credit history, they record the request by placing an inquiry on your report. There are two types of inquiries, “hard” and “soft.”
A hard inquiry reduces your credit scores by several points. These happen when a financial services provider requests your reports.
But you can request your credit reports as many times as you like, and it will only result in a “soft” inquiry, which has no affect on your credit.
First, we suggest you request your reports from These are free and will provide your baseline as you begin the credit restoration process.
Secondly, you’ll need credit monitoring to watch your progress. We recommend AFFILIATE LINK. They will provide you real-time updates and new credit reports and scores every month.

Are you going to bill me in advance?

NO, never. We only bill for services that we have provided you.
In fact, billing in advance for credit repair services is against Federal regulations. We’re truly interested in your success, so even if you don’t go with us, please watch out for red flags like that.
We’re dedicated to serving you with integrity, so we take compliance with Federal regulations seriously. That includes fair and clear pricing and billing policies.